Art space conversion of former train water tanks

Art Space rooftop access

Art space conversion. Architectural consultancy for KitEV.

Water tanks

the water tanks

The train water tanks in Oberhausen station, a unique space.

Bahnhof Oberhausen

Museumsbahnsteig and station tower

The station has a tower with clocks visible from far in the city. The tower is used by KitEV for workshops. The top windows display installations at night. One unused platform is showing artistic interventions, known as Museumsbahnsteig.

A singular feature of the tower are two concrete water tanks on the last floor. There are about 7,40 m wide and 10,50 m high. The concept of KitEV is to make this unusual space available for art performances. Accessibility is a challenge. The space is technical with narrow paths and steep ladders. First a precise documentation of the built substance has been needed. The space got 3D scanned.

Art space point cloud

point cloud processing

A simplified 3D model is built from the point cloud data. Various accessibility scenarios have been developed. Visitors should also be able to get on the roof of the tower.

art space accessibility

art space accessibility

The water tanks Art Space

Art Space Plateau

Art Space plateau to look in the tanks

KitEV has already used the concrete water tanks for art events, like a sound installation.

Oberhausen Wasserturm Julia

Currently entering the tanks requires acrobatic skills. Same for looking inside from the top maintenance bridges. It is a lot about how to make them accessible for any visitors without altering them too much. Furthermore, the space containing the tanks is really narrow. It is about giving a hugeness feeling of the concrete tanks while avoiding tight corridor situation.

Art Space water tank entrance

Art Space water tank entrance

The space is really inspiring. There are lots of ideas, but not all are feasible. Security, budget, aesthetics, a lot of parameters have to be taken into account. The collective power of KitEV is developing the most striking concepts. The art space will benefit from best options in cooperation with intervening artists.

Follow the development of the art space on the KitEV website and the ongoing project brochure.

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