The Myth of Tradition


Report from the IASTE Conference 2012, the Myth of Tradition.

Opening the concepts around tradition.

The various densely documented topics are going beyond conservative vernacular researches. They are also questioning the dogma of the almighty sustainability. Ecology is the new opium of the masses according to Zizek, as progress has been before. Not that it means mankind should go back to old-fashioned irresponsible schemes. But actual efforts are eventually lacking in efficiency because they are reduced to convenient commercial vectors. Photoshopping green on inefficient architectural structures shouldn’t be enough to meet the quite challenging sustainable standards, according to its 1987 definition :

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Plans should care more about popular user reception rather than creating obvious and self-satisfying myths. Solutions are sketched to go beyond what could appear a cynical critical approach. Dealing with the dystopian aspects of our societies is more than an utopia, it is our duty.

Rather than looking for a new dogma, international localized situations are analyzed and debated with a specific approach, that might connect to analog cases, with sometimes surprising conclusions. The concept of tradition is extended. Modern architecture from the 20th century is now classified as historic monuments. Even cities like Brasilia. The fate of these structures as well as the uses that are developing inside follow patterns of humans adaptation. The international style is now a worldwide shared tradition.

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