Saorge is a hill hung village in the south Alps, where I grew up. At university I understood the appropriateness of this urban typology with its environment.
The alleys are a labyrinth of stairs and bridges recalling Piranesi and they are so tight no car can enter. They are chilly in the shadow when the summer heat reaches its peak. The surrounding landscape is carved in terrasses following topographical curves and allow farming.
The vertical row-houses hang on sunny slopes. One enters from north and is surprised being on the third floor looking south. Most spaces benefit this way from sunligh, the lower floors being used for storage. Rooms are stacked verticaly connected through stairs topped with an covered terrace, creating a chimney effect cooling spaces in the summer. Numerous balconies and shutters punctuate
the sunny facades.
The rich and clever urban organization of this village might have made the vernacular topic attractive to me, it might even have influenced me toward architecture as a child.

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