A philosopher friend sent us pictures taken from his window in Rio de Janeiro. The whole bay could be seen, skyscarpers in the background, close waves, mysterious islands on horizon. A few months later we were in his living room.
He was living in Vidigal, a favela, in a 70’s building in the middle of the typical brick baracks. He reassured us immediatly : there are no theft in the favela. They don’t want to get problems. But in Copacabana, take care. Vidigal is a pacified favela, cabs don’t want to enter it, police prefers checking at the entrance.
Oscar Niemeyer told me he’s not living anymore in the villa of las Canoas because it became to dangerous. He didn’t want to fence the property, like wealthy people do, with electrified barbwire and cameras. He insisted to explain me :

Architecture doesn’t matter. What counts is the will to change the world, everyday.

Even 102 years old, he keeps hope in a united and standing together Brazil. Let’s hope the growing wealth of the country will give him reason.
The house of Lina Bo Bardi in the hyperactive São Paulo was sadly being refurbished. The city had something unusual I couldn’t first define. It took me several days to understand one got rid of
all advertisements. Vending machines did not sell chocolate bars but books ! Progress is on tracks.

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