What if the future of 3D printing would look like that ?

3d printing of Rachel

© Kay Montano

3D printing, from fiction to reality

This is Rachael, a Nexus-7 android robot called replicant by the Tyrell Corporation, taken from a Blade Runner movie scene (1982). She doesn’t know she is a machine. How was she built ? She might exist through the help of 3D printing.

Neri Oxman is doing researches on 3D printing. Instead of just using plastic, she is trying with silk for example. She’s already printing cyborg parts, on display at Centre Pompidou.

3d printing by Oxman© Neri Oxman 
She is officialy commited to find applications for construction, but the step seems narrow until her unit at Objet™ might print bones or skin. Medical applications are already available, like custom prosthesis.
The best, she might design the first replicant at her image, not far from the 1982 Rachael.

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